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About DixPix

"Dick and Annie"

Hello. I'm Dick Bower and I like to take pictures (that will have to do until I find a photographer's anonymous support group in my area).

I've always been interested in photography and have had a professional and personal interest in computers since before there were personal computers. The digital camera and the world wide web have made it possible to combine these interests and make some of my photographs available to family and friends — both old and new.
    Actually, some of "my" best pictures were taken by Annie or Tawna — I try to note that by the picture. (Tawna took that great picture above of Annie and me.)

The website has smaller versions of the original pictures — this is mostly to keep the sizes down, but also to protect my rights to the pictures (all pictures on this site are copyrighted). If you'd like the full-resolution file or a "screensaver" background, or a print, just let me know and we'll work something out. Suggestions are welcome — just send me an email.


  • Visit the DixPix Facebook page (@DixPixPicks). Most of our recent stuff will go there first.
  • Goodies!  I've expanded the items for sale at Cafe Press. Feel free to poke around, buy some stuff, and suggest other items or pictures.
  • More Goodies!  Now on CafePress, many new note cards and a few greeting cards! Check them out!
  • PrevUpNext I've added some "navigation" buttons to the picture pages (those with only one photo). For each topic that features the photo, there are three buttons: — the middle one (Up) takes you "up" to the current picture on the multi-picture topic page, the other two take you directly to picture that precedes (Prev) and follows (Next) the current picture within the topic. If you click the topic name, you'll get to the top of the topic page. It's probably easier to do than explain — try them out on the Seedpods picture.
  • Oh yes, Camera from DixPix Logo the Logo story is here.
Best viewed at 1024x768 under the light of the full moon in July while Mercury is in Leo and six Pygmy Marmosets do the Lambada behind you singing "Kumbaya."
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For now, I've organized the website into topics, each with a summary page, and detail pages for each picture. The topics come in three flavors — Collections of unrelated pictures, Studies of particularly favorite places or things, and Events, "documenting" a one-time event or trip. I expect to be adding pictures to the collections and studies from time to time. The events probably won't change, but may go away as time passes.

Let me know if you think of a better way to organize it! — email me with your thoughts!

One downside of the "topics" approach, is that some pictures end up duplicated… if that bothers you, or you just want to look for pictures that interest you — check out:

These topics are here now: to Top


This wouldn't be any fun without a little programming work. For now, the pages are created statically by perl scripts on my home machine. The scripts are driven by semi-automatically generated description files and HTML templates. Eventually, I'd like to generate the pages at the server–based on a database containing similar picture and page information. Manually generated pages (and prototypes) are developed with Mozilla's Nvu.

The pictures are cropped and enhanced as needed, typically with Qimage Pro, then these full-resolution originals are resized for the appropriate pages. For this, I usually use ImageMagick called from a perl script.  I also use CAM2PC for this and lots more. More drastic editing is sometimes required; for this I usually use Photoshop CS2.
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© Copyright Notice

All of the pictures and descriptions on this site are copyrighted by Dick Bower — please e-mail me at rabower@stny.rr.com if you'd like to reproduce them for any purpose.
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