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"A Raft of Stuff"
A Raft of Stuff
"Adirondack Sunset"
Adirondack Sunset
"Afternoon Kayaker"
Afternoon Kayaker
"Afton Fairgrounds"
Afton Fairgrounds
"Ah spring, our first blooms"
Ah spring, our first blooms
"Alaskan Airport"
Alaskan Airport
"Along the Delaware"
Along the Delaware
"Along Route 10"
Along Route 10
"Ancient coral"
Ancient coral
"Ancient sea display"
Ancient sea display
"Anne and Dick"
Anne and Dick
"Another sunset from Loj road"
Another sunset from Loj road
"Apple Blossoms"
Apple Blossoms
"Apple Buds"
Apple Buds
"Apple Farm"
Apple Farm
"Apple Hills"
Apple Hills
"April at Neversink"
April at Neversink
"Arch I"
Arch I
"Arch II"
Arch II
"Arch Overhead"
Arch Overhead
"Arches and Pillar"
Arches and Pillar
"Are You a Turtle?"
Are You a Turtle?
"Ashokan Bridge N"
Ashokan Bridge N
"Ashokan Bridge S"
Ashokan Bridge S
"Ashokan Fountain"
Ashokan Fountain
"Ashokan Fountain (6/06)"
Ashokan Fountain (6/06)
"Ashokan Gorge Bridge"
Ashokan Gorge Bridge
"Ashokan Gorge III"
Ashokan Gorge III
"Ashokan Gorge N I"
Ashokan Gorge N I
"Ashokan Gorge N II"
Ashokan Gorge N II
"Ashokan Gorge S I"
Ashokan Gorge S I
"Ashokan Gorge S II"
Ashokan Gorge S II
"Ashokan Gorge S III"
Ashokan Gorge S III
"Ashokan High Water"
Ashokan High Water
"Ashokan Low Water"
Ashokan Low Water
"Ashokan North I"
Ashokan North I
"Ashokan North II"
Ashokan North II
"Ashokan North III"
Ashokan North III
"Ashokan Outflow"
Ashokan Outflow
"Ashokan Outflow II"
Ashokan Outflow II
"Ashokan Outflow III"
Ashokan Outflow III
"Ashokan Scene 1 (6/06)"
Ashokan Scene 1 (6/06)
"Ashokan Scene 2 (6/06)"
Ashokan Scene 2 (6/06)
"Ashokan South"
Ashokan South
"Ashokan South (02/04)"
Ashokan South (02/04)
"Ashokan Spillway"
Ashokan Spillway
"Ashokan Spillway (06/30/06)"
Ashokan Spillway (06/30/06)
"Ashokan Spillway Dry"
Ashokan Spillway Dry
"Ashokan Spillway at High Water"
Ashokan Spillway at High Water
"Ashokan Spillway at High Water II"
Ashokan Spillway at High Water II
"Ashokan Water Patterns"
Ashokan Water Patterns
"Aurora (9/02)"
Aurora (9/02)
"Autumn Blueberries"
Autumn Blueberries
"Autumn Color"
Autumn Color
"Autumn Foliage from Whiteface"
Autumn Foliage from Whiteface
"Autumn Leftover"
Autumn Leftover
"Autumn Olives"
Autumn Olives
"Autumn Pond"
Autumn Pond
"Autumn Toadstool"
Autumn Toadstool
"Autumn foliage with apple"
Autumn foliage with apple
"Autumn in Broome I"
Autumn in Broome I
"Autumn in Broome II"
Autumn in Broome II
"Autumn in Broome III"
Autumn in Broome III
"Autumn in Broome IV"
Autumn in Broome IV
"Autumn on Dimmock Hill"
Autumn on Dimmock Hill
"Autumn on Nanticoke Road"
Autumn on Nanticoke Road
"Avalanche Trail"
Avalanche Trail
"Backlit Olives"
Backlit Olives
"Bainbridge Scene"
Bainbridge Scene
"Balloon Valley"
Balloon Valley
"Balloon and Dome I"
Balloon and Dome I
"Balloon and Dome II"
Balloon and Dome II
"Balloon and Wires"
Balloon and Wires
"Barren Landscape"
Barren Landscape
"Barren Orchard"
Barren Orchard
"Below the Falls"
Below the Falls
"Beside the Ashoken Bridge II"
Beside the Ashoken Bridge II
"Beside the Askoken Bridge"
Beside the Askoken Bridge
"Best mastodon in the East"
Best mastodon in the East
"Big Sky at Ashokan"
Big Sky at Ashokan
"Biking to Dorchester"
Biking to Dorchester
"Binghamton Walk North"
Binghamton Walk North
"Binghamton Walk South"
Binghamton Walk South
"Birds, Bricks, and Roof"
Birds, Bricks, and Roof
"Birds of a Feather"
Birds of a Feather
"Blowin' In the Wind"
Blowin' In the Wind
"Blue Cayuga"
Blue Cayuga
"Blue Gentian (maybe)"
Blue Gentian (maybe)
"Blueberry Blossoms"
Blueberry Blossoms
"Blueberry Ice"
Blueberry Ice
"Blueberry Vista"
Blueberry Vista
"Boats in the Morning"
Boats in the Morning
"Bog 1"
Bog 1
"Bog 2"
Bog 2
"Bottom of Ice Wall"
Bottom of Ice Wall
"Bridge across the Ashokan Reservoir in the Catskills"
Bridge across the Ashokan Reservoir in the Catskills
"Brook in Winter"
Brook in Winter
"Broome County Courthouse"
Broome County Courthouse
"Broome Hillside"
Broome Hillside
"Brown Ice I"
Brown Ice I
"Brown Ice II"
Brown Ice II
"Brown Maple Pods"
Brown Maple Pods
"Buck in Velvet"
Buck in Velvet
"Bumblebee Pollinator"
Bumblebee Pollinator
"Bunchberry in Green"
Bunchberry in Green
"Burlington Lighthouse with guardian gull"
Burlington Lighthouse with guardian gull
"Burlington Pier at Sunset"
Burlington Pier at Sunset
"Busy Dock"
Busy Dock
"Buttermilk Falls (2/04)"
Buttermilk Falls (2/04)
"Buttermilk Falls (2/06)"
Buttermilk Falls (2/06)
"Buttermilk Falls (6/05)"
Buttermilk Falls (6/05)
"Buttermilk Falls (6/06)"
Buttermilk Falls (6/06)
"Buttermilk Falls (6/07)"
Buttermilk Falls (6/07)
"Buttermilk Falls (6/99)"
Buttermilk Falls (6/99)
"Buttermilk Falls (10/02)"
Buttermilk Falls (10/02)
"Buttermilk Falls (10/99)"
Buttermilk Falls (10/99)
"Buttermilk Falls Detail"
Buttermilk Falls Detail
"Buttermilk Falls I"
Buttermilk Falls I
"Buttermilk in April"
Buttermilk in April
"Buttermilk in April II"
Buttermilk in April II
"Buttermilk with Visitor"
Buttermilk with Visitor
"Canada Goslings"
Canada Goslings
"Canada geese and moon"
Canada geese and moon
"Canal walkway"
Canal walkway
"Candy apples on the tree"
Candy apples on the tree
"Cannonsville Feeder"
Cannonsville Feeder
"Cannonsville Reservoir"
Cannonsville Reservoir
"Cannonsville Reservoir II"
Cannonsville Reservoir II
"Cannonsville Reservoir"
Cannonsville Reservoir
"Canoe Race Preparation"
Canoe Race Preparation
"Castle Drive-thru"
Castle Drive-thru
"Catskill Ice"
Catskill Ice
"Catskill Ice"
Catskill Ice
"Catskill Wildflowers"
Catskill Wildflowers
"Catskill Winter"
Catskill Winter
"Cayuga Lake (8/02)"
Cayuga Lake (8/02)
"Chapel Pond"
Chapel Pond
"Chenango Valley view"
Chenango Valley view
"Cherries after Rain"
Cherries after Rain
"Cherry Blossom Time"
Cherry Blossom Time
"Cherry Blossoms"
Cherry Blossoms
"Christmas Card"
Christmas Card
"Cold and Bright"
Cold and Bright
"Colonized Boulder"
Colonized Boulder
"Colonized Boulder Detail"
Colonized Boulder Detail
"Colorful Ice"
Colorful Ice
"Country Road I"
Country Road I
"Country Road II"
Country Road II
"Country Wagon"
Country Wagon
"Crabapple Blossoms"
Crabapple Blossoms
"Crabapple Buds"
Crabapple Buds
"Crack of Dusk"
Crack of Dusk
"Cresent of apples"
Cresent of apples
"Crocus Pollenator"
Crocus Pollenator
"Crocus in Snow"
Crocus in Snow
"Crystal Sculpture I"
Crystal Sculpture I
"Crystal Sculpture II"
Crystal Sculpture II
"Cucumber, not quite ready to pick"
Cucumber, not quite ready to pick
"Daisy or Fungus?"
Daisy or Fungus?
"Daylight at the End"
Daylight at the End
"Deer Determent"
Deer Determent
"Devonian fish"
Devonian fish
"Dewy Pond Bank"
Dewy Pond Bank
"Dewy Web"
Dewy Web
"Dick and Annie"
Dick and Annie
"Differential erosion"
Differential erosion
"Dimmock Hill Sign"
Dimmock Hill Sign
"Dinosaur patrols parking lot"
Dinosaur patrols parking lot
"Dock Denizen"
Dock Denizen
"Doggie Paddle"
Doggie Paddle
"Dorchester Park"
Dorchester Park
"Downsville Hill"
Downsville Hill
"Dragonfly 1"
Dragonfly 1
"Dragonfly 2"
Dragonfly 2
"Dragonfly 3"
Dragonfly 3
"Dream Stream"
Dream Stream
"Duck Butts"
Duck Butts
"Duck 'n' Dock"
Duck 'n' Dock
"Ducks at Stillwater"
Ducks at Stillwater
"Ducks-in-a-row practice!"
Ducks-in-a-row practice!
"Early Leaves"
Early Leaves
"Early Strawberry"
Early Strawberry
"Early birds"
Early birds
"Eerie Scene"
Eerie Scene
"Encased Strawberry"
Encased Strawberry
"Evening sky"
Evening sky
"Exchange Street Bridge"
Exchange Street Bridge
"Exit Glacier"
Exit Glacier
"Fall Flower"
Fall Flower
"Fall Flower and Bee"
Fall Flower and Bee
"Fallen Leaves"
Fallen Leaves
"Family Gathering"
Family Gathering
"Fighting Frost with Fire"
Fighting Frost with Fire
"Fighting Frost with Water"
Fighting Frost with Water
"Fire Rainbow over Whiteface"
Fire Rainbow over Whiteface
"First Snowfall"
First Snowfall
"Fishing off the Dock"
Fishing off the Dock
"Fishing the Moose River"
Fishing the Moose River
"Fishing under Whiteface Mt"
Fishing under Whiteface Mt
"Flag, Sign & Viaduct"
Flag, Sign & Viaduct
"Flood Damaged Cornfield"
Flood Damaged Cornfield
"Flood Damaged Sidewalk"
Flood Damaged Sidewalk
"Foggy Valley I"
Foggy Valley I
"Foggy Valley II"
Foggy Valley II
"Foggy morning in Otsiningo Park"
Foggy morning in Otsiningo Park
"Foliage Ablaze"
Foliage Ablaze
"Foliage and Arch"
Foliage and Arch
"Forest Preserve Commemoration"
Forest Preserve Commemoration
"Forge Motel from Room 18"
Forge Motel from Room 18
"Forge Motel from the Beach"
Forge Motel from the Beach
"Fossil rock"
Fossil rock
"Fowl Weather"
Fowl Weather
"Franklin Falls"
Franklin Falls
"Frosted Berry Leaves"
Frosted Berry Leaves
"Frosted Blueberries"
Frosted Blueberries
"Frosted Trees"
Frosted Trees
"Frosty Aspen"
Frosty Aspen
"Frosty Fence"
Frosty Fence
"Frosty Morning"
Frosty Morning
"Frosty Morning II"
Frosty Morning II
"Frosty Morning III"
Frosty Morning III
"Frosty Rose Hips"
Frosty Rose Hips
"Frosty Stream"
Frosty Stream
"Frozen Ashokan"
Frozen Ashokan
"Frozen Ashokan II"
Frozen Ashokan II
"Frozen Ashokan"
Frozen Ashokan
"Frozen Cascade"
Frozen Cascade
"Frozen Fountain I"
Frozen Fountain I
"Frozen Fountain II"
Frozen Fountain II
"Frozen Lake Inferior"
Frozen Lake Inferior
"Frozen Pond"
Frozen Pond
"Frozen River"
Frozen River
"Frozen River II"
Frozen River II
"Full Sunflower"
Full Sunflower
"Furled Wildflower"
Furled Wildflower
"Geese geese geese"
Geese geese geese
"Gentian Flowers"
Gentian Flowers
"Gnarled Roots"
Gnarled Roots
"Gnarled Stump"
Gnarled Stump
"Golden dragonfly"
Golden dragonfly
"Good Berry, Bad Berry"
Good Berry, Bad Berry
"Got Leaves?"
Got Leaves?
"Great Plain"
Great Plain
"Greenwood Park"
Greenwood Park
"Groundhog Art"
Groundhog Art
"Gull in Flight"
Gull in Flight
"Harford Fair"
Harford Fair
"Hawk's Nest - Downriver view"
Hawk's Nest - Downriver view
"Hawk's Nest - Upriver view"
Hawk's Nest - Upriver view
"Hay Bales"
Hay Bales
"Hay There"
Hay There
"Hemmer Cottage 1"
Hemmer Cottage 1
"Hemmer Cottage 2"
Hemmer Cottage 2
"Hemmer Cottage 3"
Hemmer Cottage 3
"Hiding in the lily pads"
Hiding in the lily pads
"High Peaks from Harrietstown"
High Peaks from Harrietstown
"High Wires"
High Wires
"High above the Delaware"
High above the Delaware
"Higher than Niagara"
Higher than Niagara
"Hikers on Whiteface"
Hikers on Whiteface
"Historical Association"
Historical Association
"Historical Association Sign"
Historical Association Sign
"Holiday Sunset"
Holiday Sunset
"Home Sweet Home"
Home Sweet Home
"Home Sweet Home (1/03)"
Home Sweet Home (1/03)
"Home Sweet Home (10/02)"
Home Sweet Home (10/02)
"Homing In"
Homing In
"Hunkered Down"
Hunkered Down
"I thought the frog was supposed to eat the mosquitos..."
I thought the frog was supposed to eat the mosquitos...
"Ice Collars"
Ice Collars
"Ice Collars II"
Ice Collars II
"Ice Fringed Pond"
Ice Fringed Pond
"Ice Heart"
Ice Heart
"Ice Monster?"
Ice Monster?
"Ice Trap"
Ice Trap
"Ice & Evergreen I"
Ice & Evergreen I
"Ice & Evergreen II"
Ice & Evergreen II
"Ice and Iron"
Ice and Iron
"Icicles I"
Icicles I
"Icicles II"
Icicles II
"Icicles III"
Icicles III
"Icicles IV"
Icicles IV
"Icy Cascade"
Icy Cascade
"Icy Sky"
Icy Sky
"Icy Spruce"
Icy Spruce
"Icy Twig"
Icy Twig
"Itaska Bridge"
Itaska Bridge
"Ivy-covered winery building"
Ivy-covered winery building
"January Thaw"
January Thaw
"Jeweled Blueberries I"
Jeweled Blueberries I
"Jeweled Blueberries II"
Jeweled Blueberries II
"June Sunset"
June Sunset
"Kayaking Cayuga"
Kayaking Cayuga
"Kayaks at Roebling Aqueduct"
Kayaks at Roebling Aqueduct
"Kitty Bunk Beds"
Kitty Bunk Beds
"Knotty Pine Inside"
Knotty Pine Inside
"Knotty Pine Outside"
Knotty Pine Outside
"Knotty Pine Sign"
Knotty Pine Sign
"Knotweed Leaf"
Knotweed Leaf
"Knotweed in Autumn"
Knotweed in Autumn
"Laced with Ice"
Laced with Ice
"Lady Phoenix and her parasol"
Lady Phoenix and her parasol
"Lake Eerie (5/03)"
Lake Eerie (5/03)
"Lake Eerie (6/99)"
Lake Eerie (6/99)
"Lake Eerie (8/02)"
Lake Eerie (8/02)
"Lake Eerie (10/06)"
Lake Eerie (10/06)
"Lake Inferior"
Lake Inferior
"Lake Inferior Left"
Lake Inferior Left
"Lake Inferior Center"
Lake Inferior Center
"Lake Inferior Right"
Lake Inferior Right
"Lake Inferior Snowbound"
Lake Inferior Snowbound
"Lake Inferior from the East"
Lake Inferior from the East
"Lake Inferior, one of our not-so-great lakes"
Lake Inferior, one of our not-so-great lakes
"Lake Placid"
Lake Placid
"Lake Placid Autumn"
Lake Placid Autumn
"Lake Placid Golf Course"
Lake Placid Golf Course
"Lake Placid from Hairpin"
Lake Placid from Hairpin
"Lake Placid from Whiteface"
Lake Placid from Whiteface
"Lakefull of Snow geese"
Lakefull of Snow geese
"Landmark View"
Landmark View
"Launt Pond Park"
Launt Pond Park
"Leaves and Water"
Leaves and Water
"Leaves or Not"
Leaves or Not
"Light and Shadow"
Light and Shadow
"Lily Pads"
Lily Pads
"Lily Reflections"
Lily Reflections
"Lone Goose"
Lone Goose
"Lonely Bench"
Lonely Bench
"Long Hill and Longhorns"
Long Hill and Longhorns
"Long Pond"
Long Pond
"Twin Pond Dock"
Twin Pond Dock
"Long Pond Geese"
Long Pond Geese
"Long Pond Spillway"
Long Pond Spillway
"Long Shadows"
Long Shadows
"Long way down"
Long way down
"Look Out!"
Look Out!
"Look Up!"
Look Up!
"Looking for Kermit"
Looking for Kermit
"Lost Lunch"
Lost Lunch
"Lower Cascade Lake, Route 73"
Lower Cascade Lake, Route 73
"Lower Summit Lake"
Lower Summit Lake
"Madison County Wind Farm"
Madison County Wind Farm
"Maine Lupins"
Maine Lupins
"Maple Buds"
Maple Buds
"Maple Buds I"
Maple Buds I
"Maple Buds II"
Maple Buds II
"Maple Buds III"
Maple Buds III
"Maple Flowers"
Maple Flowers
"Maple Seedpods"
Maple Seedpods
"Maple Seeds"
Maple Seeds
"Maple and Moss"
Maple and Moss
"<i>Margaret Todd</i> of Bar Harbor"
Margaret Todd of Bar Harbor
"Mass ascent I"
Mass ascent I
"Mass ascent II – Snow Geese over Cayuga Lake"
Mass ascent II – Snow Geese over Cayuga Lake
"Master of the House"
Master of the House
"Meeting room with Charles I chest"
Meeting room with Charles I chest
"Milkweed Explosion"
Milkweed Explosion
"Minus One F"
Minus One F
"Mirror, Mirror"
Mirror, Mirror
"Misty Dragonfly"
Misty Dragonfly
"Misty Pond"
Misty Pond
"Moose River 1"
Moose River 1
"Moose River 2"
Moose River 2
"Moose River Rock"
Moose River Rock
"More Water Lilies"
More Water Lilies
"Morning Bee"
Morning Bee
"Morning Calm on Cayuga Lake"
Morning Calm on Cayuga Lake
"Morning Fog"
Morning Fog
"Morning Quiet"
Morning Quiet
"Morning Rays"
Morning Rays
"Morning Ride"
Morning Ride
"Morning Sky"
Morning Sky
"Morning Walk"
Morning Walk
"Morning moon on Cayuga Lake"
Morning moon on Cayuga Lake
"Moss Capsules"
Moss Capsules
"Moss on Ice"
Moss on Ice
"Motel Brunch"
Motel Brunch
"Mountain Laural"
Mountain Laural
"Museum of the Earth exterior"
Museum of the Earth exterior
"Museum of the Earth sign"
Museum of the Earth sign
"Narrowsburg Reflections"
Narrowsburg Reflections
"Nature Walk—Closed!"
Nature Walk—Closed!
"Nature's Ice Sculptures"
Nature's Ice Sculptures
"Nature's Recycling"
Nature's Recycling
"Neversink Reservoir Spillway"
Neversink Reservoir Spillway
"Neversink Spillway Up Close"
Neversink Spillway Up Close
"Nice Campsite"
Nice Campsite
"Nice Campsite 2"
Nice Campsite 2
"Nice Campsite 3"
Nice Campsite 3
"No More Stairway"
No More Stairway
"Not for Sitting Tonight"
Not for Sitting Tonight
"Note the Pedestrian"
Note the Pedestrian
"November Reservoir"
November Reservoir
"Oak Buds"
Oak Buds
"Oak Buds II"
Oak Buds II
"Odd Building"
Odd Building
"Old Forge Hardware"
Old Forge Hardware
"Old Forge Spillway"
Old Forge Spillway
"Old World or New?"
Old World or New?
"Orange Hawkweed"
Orange Hawkweed
"Orange Toadstool"
Orange Toadstool
"Orange & Blue"
Orange & Blue
"Our Geese"
Our Geese
"Our latest addition, Melody, appears to be adjusting..."
Our latest addition, Melody, appears to be adjusting...
"Out of the Dark Forest"
Out of the Dark Forest
"PV Clearwater"
PV Clearwater
"PV W.W. Durant"
PV W.W. Durant
"Paddle Boats"
Paddle Boats
"Painted Trilliums"
Painted Trilliums
"Park Benches"
Park Benches
"Park Flowers"
Park Flowers
"Peekamoose Stream"
Peekamoose Stream
"Peekin' Through"
Peekin' Through
"Pepacton Bridge Fishing Access"
Pepacton Bridge Fishing Access
"Pepacton Cove"
Pepacton Cove
"Pepacton Reservoir (6/30/06)"
Pepacton Reservoir (6/30/06)
"Picturesque Narrowsburg Bridge 2010"
Picturesque Narrowsburg Bridge 2010
"Picturesque Narrowsburg Bridge"
Picturesque Narrowsburg Bridge
"Pin Oak"
Pin Oak
"Play-Doh Mt"
Play-Doh Mt
"Poinsettia, not"
Poinsettia, not
"Pond Frog"
Pond Frog
"Power Pole"
Power Pole
"Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!"
Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!
"Rain Soaked Lily Pads"
Rain Soaked Lily Pads
"Rainstorm in the valley -- from Whiteface mountain"
Rainstorm in the valley -- from Whiteface mountain
"Rainy Wildflower"
Rainy Wildflower
"Red Maple Pods"
Red Maple Pods
"Red-bellied Woodpecker"
Red-bellied Woodpecker
"Reservoir Wall"
Reservoir Wall
"Reservoir Wall Dry"
Reservoir Wall Dry
"Rhododendron Bud"
Rhododendron Bud
"Ride's Over"
Ride's Over
"Goin' with the floe"
Goin' with the floe
"Rivendell? Actually Ausable Chasm, NY"
Rivendell? Actually Ausable Chasm, NY
"River Ice"
River Ice
"Roadside Fairyland"
Roadside Fairyland
"Roadside Ice II"
Roadside Ice II
"Roadside Ice III"
Roadside Ice III
"Roadside Ice with Car"
Roadside Ice with Car
"Roadside Jewel"
Roadside Jewel
"Roadside Laural"
Roadside Laural
"Roadside Trillium"
Roadside Trillium
"Rock Art"
Rock Art
"Rockbottom Dam, Binghamton"
Rockbottom Dam, Binghamton
"Rockbottom High"
Rockbottom High
"Rockbottom High Detail"
Rockbottom High Detail
"Rockbottom Low"
Rockbottom Low
"Rocks and Buds"
Rocks and Buds
"Roebling's Aqueduct"
Roebling's Aqueduct
"Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct"
Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct
"Roots and Rock 1"
Roots and Rock 1
"Roots and Rock 2"
Roots and Rock 2
"Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church"
Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church
"Sacred Heart - Door Detail"
Sacred Heart - Door Detail
"Sacred Heart - Entrance"
Sacred Heart - Entrance
"Sacred Heart - Front"
Sacred Heart - Front
"Sands of time"
Sands of time
"Sands of time detail"
Sands of time detail
"Scene on Platt Clove Road"
Scene on Platt Clove Road
"Scenic Delaware River"
Scenic Delaware River
"Scenic Vermont"
Scenic Vermont
"Seed Stealer"
Seed Stealer
"Seed Pods"
Seed Pods
"Seneca Falls Canal Harbor"
Seneca Falls Canal Harbor
"Separate Tables"
Separate Tables
"Serenely Fleeing"
Serenely Fleeing
"Seventh Lake"
Seventh Lake
"Skaneateles Lake"
Skaneateles Lake
"Skyfull of Snow geese"
Skyfull of Snow geese
"Snow Crocus"
Snow Crocus
"Snow & Rocks"
Snow & Rocks
"Snow and Water"
Snow and Water
"Snow geese and moon"
Snow geese and moon
"Snow geese in flight"
Snow geese in flight
"Snow-crusted Arches"
Snow-crusted Arches
"Snow-crusted Pillar"
Snow-crusted Pillar
"Snow-shrouded Summit Castle"
Snow-shrouded Summit Castle
"Snowscape I"
Snowscape I
"Snowscape II"
Snowscape II
"Snowy Aftermath"
Snowy Aftermath
"Snowy Hill"
Snowy Hill
"Snowy Landscape"
Snowy Landscape
"Snowy Peak"
Snowy Peak
"Snowy Tangle"
Snowy Tangle
"Snowy Valley"
Snowy Valley
"Snowy Wall"
Snowy Wall
"Solar Halo"
Solar Halo
"Solstice Sunset"
Solstice Sunset
"Solstice sunset from Loj road"
Solstice sunset from Loj road
"Spider Pearls"
Spider Pearls
"Spillway Downstream"
Spillway Downstream
"Spot at Leisure"
Spot at Leisure
"Spring Maple"
Spring Maple
"Spring Maple II"
Spring Maple II
"Spring Reflections"
Spring Reflections
"Spring Scene"
Spring Scene
"Spring Thaw"
Spring Thaw
"Spring Trees"
Spring Trees
"Spring leaves I"
Spring leaves I
"Spring leaves II"
Spring leaves II
"Spruce Bug"
Spruce Bug
"Spruce Cones"
Spruce Cones
"Spruce and Web"
Spruce and Web
"Squash Blossom Honey"
Squash Blossom Honey
"Squash Blossom Honey anyone?"
Squash Blossom Honey anyone?
"Stairway to the Summit"
Stairway to the Summit
"Stark Beauty"
Stark Beauty
"Starrucca Viaduct"
Starrucca Viaduct
"Stegosaurus Mt"
Stegosaurus Mt
"Still Got Power"
Still Got Power
"Still life with dinosaur"
Still life with dinosaur
"Storm Damage on rte. 206"
Storm Damage on rte. 206
"Study in Black and Red and Blue"
Study in Black and Red and Blue
"Study in Orange"
Study in Orange
"Sumac Leftovers"
Sumac Leftovers
"Summit Buildings"
Summit Buildings
"Summit Castle from Hairpin"
Summit Castle from Hairpin
"Summit Elevator Building"
Summit Elevator Building
"Summit Frolic"
Summit Frolic
"Summit Weather Tower"
Summit Weather Tower
"Sun and Frost"
Sun and Frost
"Sundog with Geese"
Sundog with Geese
"Sundogs in Winter"
Sundogs in Winter
"Sunset on Cayuga"
Sunset on Cayuga
"Sunset on Lake Eerie"
Sunset on Lake Eerie
"Sunset over Twin Pond"
Sunset over Twin Pond
"Susquehanna from Vestal Avenue"
Susquehanna from Vestal Avenue
"Table for None"
Table for None
"Taughannock Falls in March"
Taughannock Falls in March
"Taughannock panorama"
Taughannock panorama
"Taughannock stairway"
Taughannock stairway
"Taughannock with Ice"
Taughannock with Ice
"Temporary Waterfall"
Temporary Waterfall
"The Heron's Pond"
The Heron's Pond
"The last of the blue sky, ah well, clouds make a nice picture too!"
The last of the blue sky, ah well, clouds make a nice picture too!
"The sign says it all!"
The sign says it all!
"Till Hill"
Till Hill
"Tiny Oak"
Tiny Oak
"Too Early Snow"
Too Early Snow
"Tortured Conifers"
Tortured Conifers
"Tortured Saplings"
Tortured Saplings
"Trail from Whiteface Summit"
Trail from Whiteface Summit
"Trailhead Down"
Trailhead Down
"Tree Scar"
Tree Scar
"Trees and Cliff"
Trees and Cliff
"Tumbling Water"
Tumbling Water
"Tunnel to Summit Elevator"
Tunnel to Summit Elevator
"Turkey Flock"
Turkey Flock
"Twigs and Snow"
Twigs and Snow
"Twin Trees"
Twin Trees
"Two Seasons"
Two Seasons
"Union Falls"
Union Falls
"Union Falls"
Union Falls
"Upper Lisle"
Upper Lisle
"Upper Lisle Bridge"
Upper Lisle Bridge
"Valley Fog"
Valley Fog
"Valley View"
Valley View
"Vermont Stream"
Vermont Stream
"Viaduct Stonework"
Viaduct Stonework
"Viaduct from NE"
Viaduct from NE
"Viaduct from SE (Fall)"
Viaduct from SE (Fall)
"Viaduct from SE (Spring)"
Viaduct from SE (Spring)
"Viaduct from SW"
Viaduct from SW
"Viaduct—Wide View"
Viaduct—Wide View
"View from Stop 8"
View from Stop 8
"View from Whiteface Stop 4"
View from Whiteface Stop 4
"View of Road from Summit"
View of Road from Summit
"View to the North"
View to the North
"View to the North II"
View to the North II
"Vines and Fence"
Vines and Fence
"Waiting for Christmas"
Waiting for Christmas
"Water Flora"
Water Flora
"Water Lily"
Water Lily
"Waterfront view"
Waterfront view
"Wet Tummy"
Wet Tummy
"What Is It?"
What Is It?
"White Trillium"
White Trillium
"White Water on the Ausable"
White Water on the Ausable
"Whiteface Castle"
Whiteface Castle
"Whiteface Cirque"
Whiteface Cirque
"Whiteface Gondola"
Whiteface Gondola
"Whiteface Road"
Whiteface Road
"Whiteface Road from Stop 9"
Whiteface Road from Stop 9
"Whiteface Ski Area"
Whiteface Ski Area
"Whiteface Ski Area from Stop 8"
Whiteface Ski Area from Stop 8
"Whiteface Ski Entrance"
Whiteface Ski Entrance
"Whiteface Summit"
Whiteface Summit
"Whiteface from Ausable"
Whiteface from Ausable
"Whiteface from Pond"
Whiteface from Pond
"Whiteface from Route 86"
Whiteface from Route 86
"Whitney Point Dam"
Whitney Point Dam
"Wild Blackberries"
Wild Blackberries
"Wild Blackberries on the vine"
Wild Blackberries on the vine
"Wildflower cluster"
Wildflower cluster
"Wilmington Flume Downstream"
Wilmington Flume Downstream
"Wilmington Flume Upstream"
Wilmington Flume Upstream
"Wilmington Notch"
Wilmington Notch
"Windmills of Madison County"
Windmills of Madison County
"Wine vat and Stained-glass window"
Wine vat and Stained-glass window
"Winter Begins"
Winter Begins
"Winter Lingers"
Winter Lingers
"Winter River"
Winter River
"Winter Sun"
Winter Sun
"Winter Weeds"
Winter Weeds
"Winter on Dimmock Hill"
Winter on Dimmock Hill
"Winter on Nanticoke Road"
Winter on Nanticoke Road
"Wintergreen Berries"
Wintergreen Berries
"Wooden Dome"
Wooden Dome
"Woodlake Inn"
Woodlake Inn
"Woodland Bison"
Woodland Bison
"Oh, You Blend!"
Oh, You Blend!
"Yummy Petunia"
Yummy Petunia


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