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Catskill Trip

February 15, 2006

Here are a few pictures taken during a late winter trip to some of our favorite scenes in the Catskills. We particularly enjoy the colorful ice on the rocky outcrops along Frost Valley road. And we always try to visit the roadside waterfall on the side of Peekamoose mountain and stop by the Ashokan reservoir.

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"Colorful Ice"

Colorful Ice

This is a great winter site. This is a rocky cliff along Frost Valley road, where each year the water comes out of the rock and freezes in a wonderful array of shapes and colors. This year, the colors were more subtle than in the past, but still great.

February 15, 2006

Icy Cascade

Annie took this study of cascading water by the colorful ice wall.

February 15, 2006
"Icy Cascade" image

"Moss on Ice"

Moss on Ice

Moss and trees trapped by the ice.

February 15, 2006

Buttermilk Falls (2/06)

Buttermilk Falls during a mild winter. Some winters the falls are completely encased in ice, but this year they are merely fringed by the ice. Annie took this great view.

February 15, 2006
"Buttermilk Falls (2/06)" image

"Autumn Leftover"

Autumn Leftover

Leftover burrs from the fall, still valiantly hanging on the plant, looking to hitchhike a ride to fertile ground.

February 15, 2006

Ashokan South

Ashokan reservoir near the south end of the bridge that crosses the reservoir in the middle.

February 15, 2006
"Ashokan South" image

"Ashokan Spillway"

Ashokan Spillway

Ashokan reservoir spillway. Interesting man-made "steps" where the reservoir spills out.

February 15, 2006


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