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This is a group of largely unrelated photos that I just enjoy looking at time and again. I hope you enjoy them too. Many more to come!

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"Peekin' Through"

Peekin' Through

The morning sun is just starting to burn off the fog in our extended back yard.
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July 8, 2006

Misty Pond

Early morning mist on "Lake Eerie"

July 19, 2002
"Misty Pond" image

"Dewy Web"

Dewy Web

Morning dew leaves pearls on a spider's handiwork.

September 2004

Reservoir Wall

Tawna captured this elegantly curved diverter wall in the spillway of the Ashokan reservoir.

June 30, 2006
"Reservoir Wall" image



US Air Force Thunderbirds perform for the 2004 Broome county air show. Photo taken from our back yard.

July 11, 2004

Valley Fog

View across St. John's pond into the Susquehanna Valley. This picture was taken from Brooks road, near Apple Hills.

October 28, 2005
"Valley Fog" image



Looking after the animals. Green Brothers Apple Hills, Binghamton, NY.

June 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home (10/02)

The Bower family castle, taken in mid-autumn.

October 29, 2002
"Home Sweet Home (10/02)" image

"Master of the House"

Master of the House

Spot, our spoiledest cat, surveys his domain.

August 2002

Moose River Rock

Scene of the Adirondack's Moose River. Taken from one of our favorite sites off Moose River Road south of Old Forge, NY.

June 20, 2005
"Moose River Rock" image



Sunset lighting highlights the willows (and one of our resident Great Blue Herons) along a mirror-smooth Lake Inferior.

May 09, 2005

Lone Goose

Canada goose paddling in the morning mist on Lake Eerie.

September 2004
"Lone Goose" image

"Ducks at Stillwater"

Ducks at Stillwater

Wild? ducks on the shore of the Stillwater reservoir in the Adirondacks.

June 20, 2005

Sundog with Geese

I managed to get these geese just as they flew past this sundog in May. Quite a year for sundogs!

May 11, 2008
"Sundog with Geese" image

"Skaneateles Lake"

Skaneateles Lake

Bright autumn day on the east shore of Skaneateles lake, in New Your's Finger Lakes region.

October 16, 1999

Starrucca Viaduct

Blue skies, fall foliage, and beautiful stonework come together to make this my favorite photo of Starrucca Viaduct in Lanesboro, Pennsylvania.
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October 13, 2003
"Starrucca Viaduct" image

"Waterfront view"

Waterfront view

Seneca Knitting Mills, one of the last surviving buildings from the water-power era, dominates this panorama of the Seneca Falls Canal Harbor Urban Park.

March 30, 2007

Upper Lisle Bridge

A nice old iron bridge over the Otselic River at the north end of the Whitney Point Reservoir.

October 09, 2006
"Upper Lisle Bridge" image

"Lost Lunch"

Lost Lunch

Some wild creature abandoned this strawberry by an ancient stump. Annie captured this wonderful still life.

June 2001

Crocus in Snow

Overnight snow can't stop these early bloomers! This is the March picture in our Backyard Broome calendar.

March 28, 2008
"Crocus in Snow" image

"Blue Gentian (maybe)"

Blue Gentian (maybe)

Wildflowers found along the road to Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks. We believe them to be a kind of Gentian but would accept expert correction.

September 2002


A honeybee busily at work ensuring that we get good apples this fall.

May 17, 2008
"Honeybee" image

"Dragonfly 3"

Dragonfly 3

One of three different kinds of Dragonflies I photographed one sunny day by our "Lake Eerie." Does anyone know what kind it is? This is the June picture in our Backyard Broome calendar.

June 21, 2008

Lake Eerie (5/03)

Spring can be nearly as colorful as the fall!

May 3, 2003
"Lake Eerie (5/03)" image

"Seed Pods"

Seed Pods

Maple seed pods on a rainy spring morning.

May 12, 2006

Spider Pearls

Normally all but invisible—after a heavy dew, these spider webs become works of art. I find it amazing that they hold up to such loads.

June 21, 2008
"Spider Pearls" image

"Along the Delaware"

Along the Delaware

Idyllic place beside the Delaware river off route 97 in New York.

June 28, 1999

Winter on Nanticoke Road

After a big ice storm, followed by lots of snow, we had a beautiful clear, sunny day with lots of great photos. This was shot on Nanticoke Road at the corner of Old Nanticoke Road (near Corson) in Broome County, NY. If you're interested, you can compare this with an autumn 2007 photo from the same location.

January 7, 2003
"Winter on Nanticoke Road" image

"Winter on Dimmock Hill"

Winter on Dimmock Hill

This was shot from the parking lot of the Dimmock Hill Golf Course (Broome County, NY). For the same scene in autumn 2007, see "Autumn on Dimmock Hill".

January 7, 2003

Cayuga Lake (8/02)

View of Cayuga Lake from Wayne's Point in Cayuga county in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

August 25, 2002
"Cayuga Lake (8/02)" image

"Canoe Race Preparation"

Canoe Race Preparation

Morning fog makes for a great photo as participants and onlookers prepare for the 20th Annual Adirondack Canoe Classic – a 90-mile, three-day paddling journey from Old Forge. NY to Saranac Lake.

September 6, 2002

Look Up!

Interesting shot as this neat balloon passes almost directly overhead.

August 06, 2006
"Look Up!" image

"Fire Rainbow over Whiteface"

Fire Rainbow over Whiteface

This appears to be a circumhorizon arc or fire rainbow, caused by high altitude ice. The taller peak near the center is Whiteface Mountain.

May 30, 2008

Sundogs in Winter

A crisp January morning trip to the Apple Dumpling Cafe provided this wonderful view of sundogs from their parking lot.

January 03, 2008
"Sundogs in Winter" image

"Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church"

Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church

Beautiful wooden Church in Johnson City, NY.

April 12, 2005

Foliage Ablaze

Late afternoon light and clouds combine to highlight these maples in my back yard.

October 20, 2007
"Foliage Ablaze" image

"Autumn Blueberries"

Autumn Blueberries

After many delicious desserts, our blueberry bushes give us another treat in the form of wonderful red fall foliage.

October 10, 2006

Frosted Blueberries

Taken on a frosty October morning, nature has formed these delicate ice crystals on the blueberry bushes still in their fall colors.

October 29, 2002
"Frosted Blueberries" image

"Buttermilk Falls (10/02)"

Buttermilk Falls (10/02)

Buttermilk Falls, just off Peekamoose road. Early fall picture using a slow shutter speed to give the water this special quality.

October 13, 2002


Fall picture of the dried head of a teasel plant. The original photo was cropped a little too tightly at the top, so I "improved it" and added the top few pixels.

September 24, 2002
"Teasel" image

"Tree Scar"

Tree Scar

One of my first digital pictures, and still a favorite. An apple tree slowly healing from being pruned years earlier.

March 26, 1999

Out of the Dark Forest

Sunlight ahead after a stretch of dark woodland. Taken near Long Pond in the town of Smithville.

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October 09, 2006
"Out of the Dark Forest" image


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