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Lake Inferior

This is our older and bigger pond, which we dubbed "Lake Inferior" when we moved in. It covers a little less than three acres. It's very shallow and covered with water lilies in the summer, but it's great habitat for wildlife, including deer, great blue heron, muskrat, mallards, Canada geese, turtles and numerous frogs.

Our other pond, "Lake Eerie" is featured here.

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"Lake Inferior from the East"

Lake Inferior from the East

Late spring view from the "back" of our "Lake Inferior."

May 25, 2008

Lake Inferior

A panorama of Lake Inferior—click here for a really wide view!

May 14, 2006
"Lake Inferior" image

"Lake Inferior Left"

Lake Inferior Left

This is the leftmost of three pictures taken to show the whole pond in 1999.

May 14, 1999

Lake Inferior Center

This is the center of three pictures taken to show the whole pond in 1999.

May 14, 1999
"Lake Inferior Center" image

"Lake Inferior Right"

Lake Inferior Right

This is the rightmost of three pictures taken to show the whole pond in 1999.

May 14, 1999

Morning Rays

Early autumn sun filters through the willows along Lake Inferior.

September 24, 2002
"Morning Rays" image



Early Snow

Overnight snowstorm dusts the landscape in this picture of Lake Inferior.

November 2002

Frozen Lake Inferior

Long afternoon shadows on our own "Lake Inferior"—still solidly frozen over.

March 11, 2008
"Frozen Lake Inferior" image

"Lake Inferior Snowbound"

Lake Inferior Snowbound

Early winter snow blankets the pond — mostly frozen over by then.

December 12, 2002


Moon rises over Lake Inferior.

April 30, 1999
"Moonrise" image

"Our Geese"

Our Geese

A pair of Geese that have taken up residence near our bigger pond, "Lake Inferior."

May 06, 2008

Separate Tables

Mated pair of Canada Geese forage for a springtime meal.

May 01, 1999
"Separate Tables" image



Sunset lighting highlights the willows (and one of our resident Great Blue Herons) along a mirror-smooth Lake Inferior.

May 09, 2005

Leaves and Water

Full summer, and Lake Inferior is dense with water lilies, but a smooth patch of water remains to reflect the willow trunks. It was amazing to watch the heron fold up to perch in the tree.

July 30, 2006
"Leaves and Water" image

"Spring Reflections"

Spring Reflections

April, and Lake Inferior has finally thawed. These leftover weeds and the reflection of the Springtime sky make for a pretty composition. This is the April picture in our Backyard Broome calendar.

April 06, 2008



Heron hunts on Lake Inferior. Note the basking turtle off to the left.

August 2004
"August" image


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